Revenue-Based Funding

Our Revenue-Based Funding allows business owners to borrow against future earnings. Providing business owners with working capital in as little as 24 hours. As the business generates revenue, a fixed percentage of sales will be pulled on a daily or weekly basis until the balance is satisfied.


Flexible payback terms

Provides access to quick working capital

Approval based on revenue, not personal credit score or collateral

Fixed rates—so you’re never surprised

Collateral-Based Funding

Collateral-based funding is similar to revenue-based funding. The difference being that when business owners leverage collateral, their interest rates decrease as their funding amount increases.


Higher approval amounts

Lower rates offered

Lower default rates

Credit Card Processing

With our Credit Card Processing product, business owners borrow against future credit card sales. We match and beat competitor rates so that merchants receive the best deal. As the business generates revenue, a fixed percentage of credit card sales will be pulled on a daily or weekly basis until the balance is satisfied.


Updated terminals and POS

Competitive rates

Fixed percentages of sale

Approval based on sales, not personal credit or collateral

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit gives business owners access to a pool of funds to draw from when capital is needed. Unlike other types of funding, a business line of credit is drawn as needed instead of receiving a lump sum. This gives business owners the flexibility to borrow at their leisure while only having to repay the withdrawn amount.


Great to have in case of unexpected expenses arise

Borrow only as needed

Payback only what was withdrawn

Flexible terms

Equipment Financing

Whether updating old equipment or purchasing additional equipment, business owners turn to BIFundingGroup to provide funding within as little as 24 hours. Having up-to-date equipment promotes efficiency and safety. Adding more equipment can also promote efficiency and generate more profits for your business.


Flexible approval terms

Quick application process

Helps generate efficiency

Funding in 24 hours

Hard Money Loans

With our hard money loan product, you pay 20% of the loan amount and receive 80% of the loan within 24 hours.


Small upfront cost

Fast funding

No equity required

Lesser fees

Invoice Factoring

Few things are more infuriating than having over-due invoices and not being able to make your payroll or payments on time because you are waiting on receivables. While you wait, BIFundingGroup can provide you with the income and working capital you need right away so that you never have to worry about who you will pay next.

Invoice factoring involves receiving funds that are already owed to you but getting them at a faster rate so that you don’t have to wait to pay for things that need immediate attention.


Receive funding immediately without waiting to get paid

Money is already yours


Many merchants struggle with handling various positions with high rates. Our consolidation process is simple. We lower your rates and purchase you debts, so you can make one payment instead of various.


Lower monthly payments

One payment instead of various

Pay less in interest fees

Flexibility with approval